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New Topic

The Activity Details screen will display.  

  1. Enter Activity details for every required field:

  1. If applicable, enter information for non-required fields:

  1. When finished, click Save Activity Details button.


  1. Click the Fiscal Resources tab.  

  2. Click the Add Resource button to manage the fiscal resources utilized on this activity.


  1. Enter in the Resource name, Funding Source, and Planned Amount.

  2. If known, enter the Actual Amount.



There is a No Funds Required Funding Source option.  The Planned or Actual Amount values must be a number that is zero or greater and must not include the dollar "$" sign.


  1. When finished, click Save Resource.


  1. After saving Fiscal Resources, you will be redirected to the Strategy Details page.  If the goal is complete, green check marks will display next to each section in the tree view.  


  1. On the Manage Goals screen you can proceed with submission and approval for completed goals, which are designated by the green check mark.

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