Audio Conference Options


If the event you are creating in Cvent is for a Webinar, you have to create and host the webinar using GoToWebinar.  


  1. Click the Log In button in the upper right corner at
  2. Provide your email address and password to login.
  3. In the left menu navigation, click on My Webinars/Schedule a Webinar.


A three-step Schedule a Webinar page will load:

Step 1: Webinar Details

  1. Enter your Webinar Details
  2. Choose Audio Conference Option
  3. Click Save and Continue.


When using Copper Conferencing:

Moderators start a conference call by:

Participants join by:



Step 2: Branding and Theme - Brand your Webinar communications and Webinar Waiting Room with an AdvancED logo.

  1. Click Upload Logo button and browse for logo on your computer.


  1. Preview your work.
  2. Click Save and Continue.


Step 3: Registration - Customize your Webinar registration form.

  1. Click Clear All to have registrants enter the required fields.  
  2. Click Save and Email me the Invitation.


Once you receive the email invitation from GoToWebinar, provide the Webinar registration link in the Cvent website.  




Audio/Phone Options

Toll numbers and VoIP are handled via GoToWebinar.  This typically will be used for calls between AdvancED employees.  

Toll-free numbers are handled via Copper Conferencing.  This typically will be used for training and events for Schools and Districts.



This topic was last updated on 04/15/2011