Manage Invitees

After an event is launched, you can monitor and manage invitees and registrants via the Manage Invitees tab.



Invitee Search and Mark Participants will be the most used sections under Manage Invitees.






Invitee Search (Manage Invitees > Invitee Search)

To review or change the information, such as registration status, for an invitee, use the Invitee Search page.  Select the search criteria and click the Search button.


Once you find the correct invitee, you can modify their registration or account.  Click on the invitee name to show modification options.



Registration and Invitee information are available through the various Section Links.  







Adjust registration for an invitee by selecting the appropriate Available Invitee Actions item from the dropdown menu.


Record Payment by Check

When you receive a check from a registrant, you must enter that information into Cvent for proper reconciliation with Finance.


  1. Search for the payee under Manage Invitees as instructed above.
  2. Select Manage Payments under Section Links.

  3. From the Manage Payments screen, click the Offline Payment button.


  1. Enter the payment information in the Offline Payment Details section; include the check number in the Reference # box.
  2. Click Save when finished.



This topic was last updated on 04/15/2011