Create a New Event

To create a new event, login to your Cvent Account and begin by clicking on the “Create a New Event” button at the top right corner. You will be brought into a five-step event creation wizard.


Step 1 and 2: Select an Event Template

Choose "Use an existing event as a template" radio button and select the appropriate type of event template.  The template events are already formatted and branded for AdvancED.


Search for your event by providing a title and/or dates of the event you want to copy.  Select the radio button of the correct event from the search results.



Step 3: Enter the Event Details

Enter information about the event, including the title, who can attend, location, and dates.


Any fields in RED are required fields. These must be filled in to save all information entered.


Note: Throughout the entire event creation process red fields are required fields.


Event Details

Any information you enter into the event description will appear on the event summary page.  However, this field is not html compatible, so you cannot use any formatting or insert pictures.  It is recommended you do not enter a description here but rather on the Summary page (Website & Invitation > Website pages > Summary).



You may set capacity if desired but it is not necessary.  Once your event reaches the capacity, your event will close.


Who can register for this event?


Event Time Zone

Enter your time zone.  Cvent will adjust as necessary if someone from a different time zone registers.


Step 4: Design the Website Pages

By choosing the correct template, you will only need to add the Event Description to be used in the invitation on this page.  All information and images can be modified later.  This invitation can appear as a page on your event website. If desired, you can also insert this invitation so that your invitees will receive this in their email.


Step 5: Design you Invitation

This information is already set.  Just hit Next.

Step 6: Enter Other Event Details

Enter the planner information.  Use the following format:

First Name:  State Office Name (ie, Indiana)


Planner Email address:  Choose your email from the list  


Step 7: Select Your Event Settings

The remaining event settings are pre-populated.  Click Finish. This will bring you into the Overview Screen.


From the Overview screen you can navigate to the different sections within the event. To continue setting up your event, go from left to right on the navigation bar.


This topic was last updated on 04/15/2011