Click the Details section at the top of the screen.


When you click on each section from the main event header bar, section links will appear on the left. Move from top to bottom through the section links.



General Information and Configuration Options were already setup when generating the event through the wizard.






You will need to edit the General Information page to designate your state office.  

  1. Click on the General Information link on the left.
  2. Click the Custom Event Fields tab.  Custom Event Fields are used to help filter events for payment reconciliation and for placement on Calendars.
  3. Click Edit.


  1. Select the radio button of your state office.  If this is a QAR training event, select Yes for that as well.
  2. Click Save when finished.





Configuration Options (Details > Configuration Options)

These options are pre-populated.  If you need to edit in the future, simply click the Edit button to see options.  This is where you can automatically record completion credits.  Please view the Event Level and Session Level Credits tutorial from Cvent for more information.




Staff (Details > Staff)

To help direct invitees and registrants to the correct person who can answer specific types of questions, input staff contact information.


Click Add to enter a staff member(s).


On the Staff Member Details page, enter all appropriate information.





Documents (Details > Documents)

Use this screen to upload any documents you want invitees to download from the event site.  This could include a brochure, a Call for Proposals form, or more secure documents such as reference materials for participants to download prior to the event.  Uploading documents here will not automatically post them to your event site.  Rather, you are simply adding them to your event system and will link to them as necessary later in the event creation process.


To add a document:

  1. Click Add Document.

  2. Type in the Document Name.  This is what will appear as the hyperlink name for this document on the event website.

  3. Upload File by browsing for it on your computer.

  4. Change the File Type if necessary by selecting the type from the dropdown list.

  5. Click Save or Save and Add if you need to upload more documents.




On-site Setup (Details > On-site Setup)

On-site setup allows registrants to check-in at an event or allows invitees to register for an event once they arrive at the venue. On-site registration is set up at the time and place of the event to allow for easy registration and check-in for invitees and guests.


Click on the On-site Setup section link in the Details section to go to the On-site Setup page.


In On-site Setup, you can view and edit the on-site settings for the selected event. You can also preview the on-site setup for your event.


To edit the on-site settings, click Edit. The on-site setup will become editable.

There are six types of on-site settings – on-site details, on-site mode, required fields for check-in, print options, registration process association, and display settings.

Note: If the event does not have multiple registration processes, the registration option association will not appear.



Make the desired changes and click Save.




Email Alerts (Details > Email Alerts)

The Email Alerts section is pre-populated with automatic email notifications to be sent Finance when an invitee registers, cancels their registration, or if their credit card transaction fails.  You will need to edit the notifications in order to include another person on the alert.  


Click the Edit icon next to the Alert Name.  This will open the Alert in an editable status.  


The Alert Details screen will display.

  1. Scroll down to the Recipients section.  


CAUTION:  Do not edit the pre-defined Finance recipient.  


  1. Select a Type from the dropdown menu.  
  2. Define the Recipient by entering an email address or selecting a user from the ... pop-up window.  



  1. Click Save when finished.
  2. Repeat for each Alert for which you want to add a Recipient.  




Event Administration: Test your Event and Review Event Counts (Details > Event Administration)

Use the Event Administration section to change the status of your event and view milestones and counts.


Validate - Click this button to have Cvent double check the event for discrepancies, such as not setting up sessions, not associating your merchant account, etc.


Move to Test Mode - Test Mode allows the planner to send test emails and go through the entire registration process as a registrant would.  Any registrations received through test mode will be removed when the event is launched.


Event Counts - These will populate after the event is launched.



This topic was last updated on 04/15/2011